The passing of time

My daughter just turned eight in late July and today we toured the new school will be starting on Monday.  This new school is for academically gifted children and Andy and I are so proud of all the hard work it took for her to test into and be accepted into this school. I was […]


I find myself very moved emotionally by a sermon this morning at my spiritual home – Palo Alto Unity Church.  We had a guest speaker Dr. Fred Luskin who is both a psychologist and the founder of the Forgiveness Project at Stanford University. Fred spoke first of the subject frequently spoken of in the Buddhist […]

Age and Motherhood

In July my beloved daughter will turn eight 6 days after I turn fifty three. I walk around in denial most days about the age I am until our birthday month starts to loom and then I start to ponder my thoughts about being a mid life mother. I find myself still somewhat self conscious […]

Being Still Before Moving Forward

The past four years since I started my business Parenting by Adoption and my work as an Open Adoption Coach, I worked hard to learn all I could stuff into this mid life brain about the process of open adoption.  I worked with another adoption professional that had been pivotal in our adoption.  I read […]

Balancing Life

The issue of Life/Work/Play balance takes up a lot of my time.  Actually many days I feel I think about it so much, I would be better off just jumping in to one of the three areas and not over analyze the whole balancing act. In truth I know many of us struggle to find […]

Social Media – how much is enough or too much?

As a part of getting the word out to people about the work I do as an Adoption Coach, I have used various forms of social media.  I am currently on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook.  This is just for my adoption coaching work, I also have separate pages on Facebook for my personal friends […]

The moments that make it all worthwhile

I am the very blessed Mommy to my now 7 year old daughter, a daughter we adopted at birth in an open adoption.  Summer has been a blur of activity with trying to work from home while caring for Ariel, manage some minor health issues for both of us and help my husband coordinate some […]

A Mom can always dream…

Well I knew before we left for our time at the beach a week ago I was going to need a serious bathing suit to suck me in, pull various parts up and be socially acceptable. I am about 20-25 pounds over my optimal swimming suit weight and am just starting a regular routine at […]

Thoughts of an adoptive Mom

My daughter’s 7th birthday is this Wednesday, July 27th.   Her birthday always brings forth a variety of feelings for me.  I am so very happy and grateful I get to be this wonderful little girl’s Mommy.  I am also keenly aware that on that day her birth Mom and birth father are probably thinking of […]

Adoption and Identity

As both an adoptive Mom and an Adoption Coach, I am always very interested to talk to all those who’s lives have been touched by adoption. Couples/singles looking to adopt, birth mothers and those who were adopted. As an adoptive Mom to a 6-1/2 year old who we adopted in an open adoption, I have […]