Being Still Before Moving Forward

The past four years since I started my business Parenting by Adoption and my work as an Open Adoption Coach, I worked hard to learn all I could stuff into this mid life brain about the process of open adoption.  I worked with another adoption professional that had been pivotal in our adoption.  I read […]

Motherhood, Mid Life and Menopause

I have been in big denial about my age for a long time. Next month I will be turning 52 and my sweet girl will be turning 7. Up until recently I did not really think about the age thing too much (unless some stranger brought it up with curiosity about whether I was Ariel’s […]

What Open Adoption Looks Like in Our Family

I speak about open adoption when I meet with new clients or do a group presentation. Our family has an open adoption with our daughter’s first/bio family. It has varying degrees of contact – some we see face to face regularly and some we stay in touch via Facebook, email etc. This open relationship has […]

Adoption and Identity

As both an adoptive Mom and an Adoption Coach, I am always very interested to talk to all those who’s lives have been touched by adoption. Couples/singles looking to adopt, birth mothers and those who were adopted. As an adoptive Mom to a 6-1/2 year old who we adopted in an open adoption, I have […]

Too Old To Parent? Let’s Talk

The issue of mid life motherhood is one that is near and dear to my heart. My own journey to motherhood was a long and windy one and I was blessed with the birth of my daughter Ariel (by her birth mom) six days after I turned 45 in 2004. Did I plan to have […]

Musings of this Mid Life Mommy

I have been battling some non life threatening but life interrupting medical issues for the past three years. In my life I am both an Adoption Coach AND a Nature Photographer who produces matted prints and cards of my nature images. Well since I am allergic to almost all things that grow outside and are […]

Musings about Mid Life Motherhood

My own path to motherhood was long and bumpy. My husband and I married when I was 39 and after 6 failed IVF cycles and then moving on to adopt our daughter, she arrived 6 days after I turned 45. In some respects, my approach to mid life motherhood is that I have never known […]

Parenting an adopted child

We adopted our beautiful daughter at birth a little over six years ago. I have also worked in the adoption field as an Adoption Coach/Mentor for four years and have read numerous books on the subject of adoption and parenting. While I am forever deeply grateful to Ariel’s birth mother for her selfless and loving […]