Who Am I? One question, many answers and then more questions…

I have been asking the question Who Am I? for many years but more so in the past few years since turning 50. I have come to the conclusion for me that how I might identify myself falls into three different categories for the most part. The first being the more obvious labels society and […]

Motherhood, Mid Life and Menopause

I have been in big denial about my age for a long time. Next month I will be turning 52 and my sweet girl will be turning 7. Up until recently I did not really think about the age thing too much (unless some stranger brought it up with curiosity about whether I was Ariel’s […]

Becoming Comfortable with the Unknown

I have been deep in thought today about a subject that was a real thorn in my side in the past. That is being able to be comfortable when the future is full of unknowns. I used to feel the only way I could navigate my deep emotions was to cling to a belief I […]

Adoption and Identity

As both an adoptive Mom and an Adoption Coach, I am always very interested to talk to all those who’s lives have been touched by adoption. Couples/singles looking to adopt, birth mothers and those who were adopted. As an adoptive Mom to a 6-1/2 year old who we adopted in an open adoption, I have […]

Looking back at my journey to Ariel

I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a radio show with Wendy Edwards of the Wendy Edwards Show back in Charlottesville, VA today. The topic of the show is paying it forward and we were talking about my passion for paying it forward in my adoption coaching work due to my deep gratitude for being […]

Musings about Mid Life Motherhood

My own path to motherhood was long and bumpy. My husband and I married when I was 39 and after 6 failed IVF cycles and then moving on to adopt our daughter, she arrived 6 days after I turned 45. In some respects, my approach to mid life motherhood is that I have never known […]