Who Am I? One question, many answers and then more questions…

I have been asking the question Who Am I? for many years but more so in the past few years since turning 50. I have come to the conclusion for me that how I might identify myself falls into three different categories for the most part. The first being the more obvious labels society and […]

Being Still Before Moving Forward

The past four years since I started my business Parenting by Adoption and my work as an Open Adoption Coach, I worked hard to learn all I could stuff into this mid life brain about the process of open adoption.  I worked with another adoption professional that had been pivotal in our adoption.  I read […]

What Open Adoption Looks Like in Our Family

I speak about open adoption when I meet with new clients or do a group presentation. Our family has an open adoption with our daughter’s first/bio family. It has varying degrees of contact – some we see face to face regularly and some we stay in touch via Facebook, email etc. This open relationship has […]