Interesting Pairings of Mid Life Motherhood

As a self proclaimed foodie and creative soul – I am a nature photographer as well as a wife, Mom and adoption coach, I have noticed an odd trend in some of the pairings showing up.

The incongruity of some of the things that have shown up in my life as of late. Take for example the mail today, as I sifted through the envelopes, magazines and packages – there arrived both yet another invitation to join AARP and also my 6 year old daughter’s Highlights magazine.

A few days ago, I was also noticing how odd it was that the shopping cart held both a new pair of reading glasses for me and toys for Ariel.

It almost feels as if I am leading two lives – that of a middle aged woman creeping ever so slowly into the transitional time of menopause. And then the every day reality of being the Mom to a first grader. How do those two life stages match up?

I am also sorting out how it feels to have my insides, my passionate, energetic, silly me inside not always be reflected by what I see in the mirror. I know I “look good for my age” and yet the effects of living for 51-1/2 years have begun to show in the softening of the skin of my neck, little brown spots I cannot really convince myself are freckles on the back of my hands. The soft lines outlining the outsides of my eyes grown there from many happy smiles over the years.

So all this to say I have as many questions as answers. I am figuring out this life one day at a time as I guess all of us are.

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