Balancing Life

The issue of Life/Work/Play balance takes up a lot of my time.  Actually many days I feel I think about it so much, I would be better off just jumping in to one of the three areas and not over analyze the whole balancing act.

In truth I know many of us struggle to find that equilibrium we seek in our days and our lives.   What I am coming to learn again and again is that in order to have more of any of the three areas of my life show up, I have to be willing to let go of something else in order for that to be.

A prime example is that despite myself going through a particularly challenging time lately dealing with some minor but necessary medical issues, I was still trying to “do it all” in the rest of my life.  This trend was NOT working out at all for me or for those around me.  The lesson in that is I am being called to work on my challenge of asking for help.   But I have finally accepted I cannot do what I want to do in life without calling upon my own personal “village” to help me.  Whether that be a listening ear, help with Ariel if I need to go do some self care or someone to bounce ideas off of.

I chose the Cat in the Hat image above mindfully; while playful it is a very constant theme for me – trying to keep all the different balls in the air.  I am learning there are times where I either need to toss one of them to another person in my life or maybe just put one of those things I am juggling down for awhile to address something more pressing.
This will be something I will be working on for a long, long time and welcome any comments you may have on how you keep your own balance in life, parenting, work etc.

2 Responses to “Balancing Life”

  1. You know I have read this three times and waiting for something thought provoking. But the truth is I am just awful at balance in my life.
    I think that is probably why I am not sick the day before Johnny has friends over from class for the first time.

    But I will keep trying. But who knows, maybe I am just made that way I am. Maybe I a always going to say yes, and always going to flying by the seat of my pants trying to get it all done.
    But honestly, at what expense.


  2. I feel the whole balancing life process is an ongoing one and I am realizing lately that it needs to be somewhat fluid. There will be times when life allows me more time for me and times where I am needed. But I have also learned that when I am scheduling my week, I need to schedule some time for myself that I consider as sacred as my appointments and time I give to others. When I do not do this, I suffer and this spills over to those I care about.

    I have been practicing not answering requests for me to do something in the moment. Saying “let me get back to you”. With so many people, responsibilities and chores wanting my time, I need to watch when and how I say yes. I give it my personal new litmus test – is this something that I am going to enjoy doing? Is it in alignment with what I am trying to achieve in 2012 which is a more peaceful life. I burnt myself out the past two years giving lots of energy to others and little to myself.

    Keep trying and keep me posted on your progress!

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