Being Still Before Moving Forward

The past four years since I started my business Parenting by Adoption and my work as an Open Adoption Coach, I worked hard to learn all I could stuff into this mid life brain about the process of open adoption.  I worked with another adoption professional that had been pivotal in our adoption.  I read oodles of books and information online about open adoption.  And then of course I was living an open adoption since our daughter was born in 2004.

All the while trying to also be highly involved in my daughter’s school as a volunteer, run a home, run my nature photography business and deal with the very real issues that come up as a mid life pre-menopausal Mommy.

I love what I do as a coach – getting to be a part of a new family forming.  Helping guide people through the process of open adoption, assisting others to be able to avoid some of the pitfalls we encountered in the early days of our adoption journey.   I love the creative aspect of co-creating adoption profiles.  As a photographer, I am a very visual person and helping to create a profile that reflects the couple (or single person) looking to adopt is very satisfying.

Then once in awhile, like now, I am being called to take a breath, look at my coaching and make sure what I am doing is in alignment with my own personal beliefs and passions.  So while I am still very excited to help others and will jump in as a coach if approached, I have taken the past few months as a sabbatical of sorts.  Time to organize my space, working on revamping my website and working on brochures for myself.

Most importantly allowing myself to rest and recharge so when I go back out there in the world in a more present way, I am all in.  I was running on fumes much of 2011 and I started to feel it very deeply by years end.

So for me, sometimes to move forward and take my life and my coaching to the next level – taking time to be still and breathe is a necessary step.  I would welcome replies as to your thoughts on this subject.

Happy New Year!



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  1. The best part is that you are listening to yourself. Something I fail to do on a regular basis.

    I am thinking 2012 is going to be a better year.


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