The passing of time

My daughter just turned eight in late July and today we toured the new school will be starting on Monday.  This new school is for academically gifted children and Andy and I are so proud of all the hard work it took for her to test into and be accepted into this school.

I was first brought to thinking about the passing of time when the school called and needed a copy of her immunization records. This had me digging into the file cabinet into the file with my Ariel’s medical records.

Her birth records are in there, her early days of life documented and laid out in black and white. I was brought back to the first moments I held her in my arms eight years ago and remembering how full of joy I was and still am to have this ever so special young lady as my daughter.

Today in the car, I was talking to her about her growing up and going into third grade. She replies from the back seat “just wait Mom, you will turn around and then I will be fourteen”. Giggles on her end, gasps from me.

Time does indeed seem to be flying by, it truly does seem like just yesterday that she was a baby. Now she is going to a school where she will have a locker, multiple classrooms and studying subjects I can only hope my middle aged brain can keep up with!

In that moment in the car when Ariel reminded me how fast she is growing up, I sat for a few moments and took that reality in. I then told her I want to start a new after school routine this year.  After homework I want us to sit down together over cups of tea and make sure to sit and talk. No cell phones, no television, no computers. Just my beautiful girl and I.

I found out yesterday that a close friend of our family was just diagnosed with an especially nasty form of Alzheimer’s.  This beautiful woman has gone from a vibrant, active, very alive woman to someone who can no longer find the bathroom in their small home- these changes have happened over the span of a few months.

It reminds me that life is a gift and not a promise. To not let our family get so swept up in the busyness and business of life that we lose sight of what is important to us. And for this family – creating memories and spending time together are at the top of the list.

So come Monday morning, Andy and I will be walking our big girl into her new school and I have a feeling this year Mommy is gonna be more nervous and emotional than her girl. She is  just excited to be starting in a school that has LOTS of science and math – her two favorite subjects.

May we all take moments every day to stop, take a breath and remember what is most dear to us.

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  1. I remember almost 9 yrs ago when I had a little 4 lb 1 oz wrinkly little baby. Then I remember taking my little 3.5 yr old to pre-k. Today she reaches my nose & will be starting the 4th grade in a week. It’s amazing how quickly they grow! & I’m so not looking forward to 4th grade math! 😉

  2. Kim, friend I am scared of 3rd grade math! You can let me know what to expect next year.

    Math reminds me how lucky I am to have married a real life Rocket Scientist! :) I have warned Andy that he’s going to be taking over homework duty sooner than later.

    They do indeed grow up so fast….

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