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People who are considering adoption may be stalled in taking the necessary first steps because adoption can feel overwhelming and can be emotionally draining, especially if undertaken after unsuccessful infertility treatments. I can help you to gain momentum to take the steps toward your goal of adopting!

In the process of infant adoption, many pre-adoptive parents find it difficult to create their Dear Birth Mother Letter – composing a letter speaking of themselves and finding the right photos to help tell the story of what life their future child will be walking into. Adoption coaching can help make this process smoother and less stressful.

The decision-making process can be made clearer through my sharing the necessary information regarding domestic infant open adoption. We can do this by our interactive conversations and reading resources on adoption I will be providing as your coach.

As your Coach I will:

  • Guide you to reliable experienced professionals and established agencies
  • Help with your process of creating your Dear Birth Mother Letter including doing the graphics bringing it to a print ready document
  • Help you to gain valuable awareness regarding birth mothers
  • Offer support and availability to you throughout the process
  • Help you discuss with one another and the birth mother who selects you to parent the degree of openness you all feel comfortable with.

I will work with you as a team to create the coaching experience to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Initial Open Adoption Planning:

One of the services I offer is one on one adoption planning – covered in several steps.

Included in this is a one hour phone interview or sit down meeting to discern your particular needs and questions. 1-2 hours of research on my part to form a package of information to discuss with you at the 2nd appointment. Lastly I will meet with you face to face for approximately 1 hour.

Cost $225 payable in advance via paypal – link below. Please email me to schedule a time – I am in Redwood City, CA and can travel within an approximate 10-20 mile radius.

Creating Your Best Dear Birth Mother Letter

Your Birth Mother Letter is the only way you have to initially communicate with potential birth mothers, so it has to make the best first impression possible. No matter how perfect your family and your home may be, if your letter does not shine – you will not get chosen.

In working interactively with me, everything is included that you will need to help you quickly and easily craft the most important letter of your life.

Effortlessly communicate who you are and what you have to offer a child

  • Write text that will show who you are on paper
  • Bring your letter to life with photos that show you and the life you lead
  • Sound original and stand apart from the other letters
  • Avoid common mistakes that may result in your letter never being read
  • Layout your letter for a positive impact
  • Samples of successful letters
  • Step-by-step writing worksheet to simplify the writing process
  • Resources to help you pull it all together

This process includes extensive information that explains, in detail, everything you need to know about writing the ideal “dear birth mother” letter. I also provide sample letters and resources to help you pull it all together.

You know how important this letter is to your adoption success. Click below on the pay pal link to start working with me, your adoption coach to co-create the perfect birth parent letter for you!

Cost: $300

Individual Hourly Coaching

(Either by phone or in person)

$75 an hour payable in advance through pay pal

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