Client Testimonials

Thoughts about Kelli as an Adoption Coach:

I can’t say enough about her honesty and compassion when discussing such an emotional issue. Her sensitivity is unequaled. If you are considering domestic adoption, come listen to someone who can point you in the right direction.

C. Roe, Redwood City


When I consulted with Kelli Suchy, I was amidst a one year pursuit of an independent domestic adoption and had many unanswered questions. Kelli provided a comprehensive adoption package with invaluable information. During our consultation Kelli offered her knowledge and insights on my particular adoption situation and criteria.

I found it very beneficial in helping me consider other options I’d not previously considered or pursued. It was extremely helpful to speak with an adoptive mother who understood the emotional aspect of the adoption process and had lived through this experience, culminating in a positive outcome.

I highly recommend the services provided by Kelli, to whom I found to be extremely organized, professional, compassionate and insightful.

Barb, San Jose


As I said on the phone, we found your seminar really helpful. It was great, and I suspect rare, opportunity to sit down in a relatively informal way with someone who both knows a lot about the nuts and bolts side of adopting AND really gets the emotional side because they have been there themselves. We felt very free to ask the questions we had and they were all answered in an informative and non judgmental way.

L & C, San Francisco


Thank you so much for having the recent pre-adoption seminar!

We both enjoyed it and found it extremely informative, helpful and useful, and it sure got us thinking about our next steps. Thank you too for sharing your own story about your path to finally adopting sweet Ariel, hearing your experiences provided us with a basic understanding of the entire adoption process. Now if we could just figure out if we prefer international versus domestic…

Thanks again,

Rose & Steve

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